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E-commerce store for eyewear

Associate UX designer · UI designer

What is Aiinaak

With its personalized, handcrafted goods, Aiinaak is an innovative company that is revolutionizing the eyeglass market. Their patent-pending design does away with conventional earpieces and aims to revolutionize how people select their next pair of eyewear in the future. AIINAAK aspires for creativity without sacrificing form and function, with a focus on delivering the maximum comfort and dependability. With the Pince-nez concept, they took a chance and dared to introduce a traditional yet modern approach to premium eyewear while giving it a brand-new contemporary spin.


Task and Processes

I was appointed as the associate designer for this project to assist the lead UX designer and help them to create an overall structure and various elements of the design.

Apart from designing the following four pages, I was also responsible for designing micro interactions, testing the website for usability and functionality, and designing the responsive screens as well as monitoring the responsiveness.

The Mega Menu

After researching for hours and ideating numerous ideas, I designed the mega menu which was perfect and went with the theme of overall website.

Group 297.png

Contact Us

It is one of the crucial pages of a website so there was a lot of research that went behind designing this page. A number of inspirations and other website were scanned to get an idea of how elements are being used then more and more ideations and prototypes were created to come to final end product which looked like this.



Another important page of a good website is the FAQ page where you find answer to the questions you are stuck on. And yes this website has that too and it was designed keeping in mind the most important issues that the user might face by discussing with the design team as well as the client.


Error Page

Error page is often skipped by designers but good designers always include such pages as they help the user navigate when things go wrong and tells them what to do next. keeping in mind the same, I designed the error page in such a way that tells the user what to do and also bring a good and delightful experience as in most error cases, the user is often disappointed so to keep them interested, the error page was designed with a funny experience.

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