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Proximate App

Project Type

UX Case Study


August 2022


UX and UI Designer, Researcher

Project Duration

6 weeks


Google Forms

Design Process

Find the problem
statement through

Create personas
& define problem

Brainstorm &
ideate solutions

Create low/high
fidelity mockups &
visual design

Qualitative Research

I interviewed 11 people over an online meeting session in order to understand their problems and have in-depth knowledge of the research.

Some questions are listed below:

At what place did you experience bullying or harassment?
Have you ever seen someone being bullied?
Did any of your friends/relatives went through such a situation?
What problems do you face after such an incident?
What are some common places where people experience bullying or harassment?
What form of bullying or harassment have you experienced?

Key insights from interviews:
- Not able to do much about it after the incident.
- Not comfortable around strangers or when walking alone after the incident.
- Office, school, and colleges were some common places for such type of actions to take place.
- Many relatives have experienced this issue but some were able to move on and some weren’t.
- Everyday, people are seen getting bullied or harassed at workplaces and others don’t care much.
- Abuse, slurs, unwanted actions, touching without permission, etc. were some of the issues that people faced.

Quantitative Research

A Google Form was circulated so as to know what type of issues people have experienced the most and what they want as a solution to their problems.

Have you ever been bullied or harassed by anyone in any form?
Yes - 70%
No - 30%

Were you able to talk to anyone?
Yes - 44.4%
No - 33.3%
It was hard to talk - 22.2%

If no, then what was the reason?
Hard to talk - 80%
Might not get any help - 20%

Did you experience any change in your body?
Yes - 50%
No - 37.5%
Maybe - 12.5%

If yes, then what type of change?
Mental - 85.7%
Physical - 14.3%

Did you try taking any serious steps?
Yes - 57.3%
No - 14.3%
Maybe - 14.3%

Would you be okay to talk to someone who would listen to you about your incident without judging and provide actual help?
Yes - 55.6%
No - 44.4%

Problem Statement

Many students and adults are becoming a victim of bullying and harassment and sometimes they are unable to talk to anybody about it because they feel insecure and may not get any help. This feeling of being alone grows and eats the person from inside out leading to consequences like not eating properly, overlooking health, depression, anxiety, and in some serious situations might even lead to self-harm and suicide.

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