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To achieve simplicity, one must pass through complexity.

Processes often seem simple but a designer should always pay attention to the intricate steps to actually make the process look simple and effective.


For a good design, good research is necessary, and by good research, I mean a thorough understanding of the research problem by reading facts, figures, numbers, proofs, etc. In all my projects, the first step is usually research where I perform in-depth analysis of the research problem by manually scanning books, articles, research papers and other media related to the issue. Through this, I narrow down the problem to make it more specific and targeted towards a particular topic so I can start working toward a possible solution. 



After the research is done and I have collected all the necessary information for the project, I devise a strategy to proceed ahead where I state how the information gathered during the research will be put to use in an efficient manner to achieve the desired goal.



I intend to fail fast and often so that I can generate as many new ideas as possible. Innovating ideas is an important part of the design process that's why I try to develop creative ideas at every step to solve issues because small creative ideas lead to big innovative solutions. This activity also makes the design process more engaging and keeps the interest of the designer alive while working. I also make use of brainstorming methods to exercise my mind and keep it active during design thinking process.


Visual Identity

Visual identity is a powerful thing that can be used to boost a brand's recognition among its audience. For this reason, I try to study how people react to certain emotions and how I can manipulate those emotions in order to connect more deeply with the audience and make them understand the value of design. One of my specialization is I try to give a unique image to a brand by studying its audience, values, and principles and help it reach wider audience.



I create content in such a way that it increases user-design interaction and the time for which user interacts with the design, making the design more engaging and interesting. My mantra for content creation is simple, "The more relatable the content is, more will be the interest of the user in design." 


User Interface

No doubt, one of the most important aspect of digital design/product is its user interface. I design user interface in a manner, by focusing on each and every element, that it reduces time-to-action, cognitive stress, and decision making time. My aim is that the user should feel that they are in control and feel free to navigate wherever they want to complete the desired task.


User Experience

In my priority list, user experience is at the top. I keep in mind that whatever I'm creating, I'm designing it for the people to make their life easier even if it makes a fraction of change. I apply human-centered design principles in all my projects in order to design a product that is excellent in usability, accessibility, and consistency and that it provides value to design. My goal is to create a design that is desirable and enjoyable so that it provides smooth and hassle free experience to the user.

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